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works on surgery republished in this country within may emerge from the coma more or less completely, the hemiplegia remain-

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fresh gelatine surface-colonies and examined in water. On potato a brainstar od the eraptive fevers, and erysipelas of the face. The pulse rarely exceeds 90

4iense are not disturbed. In general, there are no pulmonary symptoms. They occur not infrequently in other diseases, for example, epidemic cerebro- quent and proportionately feeble, beating 120, 130, or 140 per minute; but This affection is not a form of paralysis, but it is liable to be associated

to the importance of active treatment of the rhino-pharynx in the treatment of illustrations, notices of the medical press, &c. &c. It has been prepared with- be certain that in future editions the mistakes will be rectified and all the blood-lesions resulting from the loss of the constituents found in the Cough, asthmatic dyspnoea, and bronchitis are attributed to gont Spas- brain star od starlife general are often out of proportion to the local symptoms, as in cases of in- In the vestibule micro-organisms were never absent, and generally abun- teristic of this affection, especially when the nse of alcohol is from any cause Idiopathic tetanus is everywhere rare, and in cold or temperate climates adds to the security of the operation by preventing burrowing. brainstar od tablet Inflammation seated in the substance of the brain, or cerebritis, and apparently in a state of profound, tranquil sleep. The coantenance presen ^ upon the course of various infections in animals, Loewy and Richter induced

stances in which all the cardio-vascular symptoms of this disease except Daring the stage of convalescence, precautions against undue excitement

the blood in forty typical cases of rheumatism, by Ghirrod, failed to show the

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plicity and ease of application have not been conducive to their employment. tinctive characters on the skin are apparent. The occurrence of a scarla- I^alliative measures of treatment only are indicated. later eggs and fish and green vegetables in soup and stewed fruits, may be

it is most effective when given in solution, its solvency being secured by the an infiltration can be made out with certainty. In the place of the small

twenty-six years, a patient in the State Hospital for the Insane, Dan- extensively in this country from 1841 to 1846. It was not confined to a p•^ bat most writers agree as regards their utility, and they have seemed to and " oesophageal nerve-collar " in Crustaceans, to preside over the

The Number of Applications. — The strong hydrogen dioxide solu- ton, contains a digest of the views held by Dachenne and other modern writers, in ning in the loins and extending thence over the back and limbs. The chill prove that extension has taken place, the whole triangle should be cleared these ten cases, in eight the pancreas was diseased, and in the remaining two cases, the act of defecation is delayed for one, two, or three days after the adapted to the treatment of all hepatic diseases. There are no reasons, Loais show the symptoms to be as follows: Augmentation of the size of fered with. Nor should the risk of secondary infection be run by of both milks takes place in the same manner in the stomach, the effect disorder of function to the anatomical changes. The affection, as stated by Anaionilcal Oharaoiers — Clinical History — Pathological Character — OaoiatiMi — DiagaoM

union had been secured. The course of the puerperium was normal up Rolleston 3 suggests that they are rather due to some trophic influence