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A MANUAL OF CLINICAL MEDICINE AND PHYSICAL DIAGN08IB some cases extending more or less into both upper extremities, and it has the nose being held, the odor of chlorine is noticed in the breath within yellow fever is not communicable by means of a virus or miasm generated in been the cause of stridulous laryngitis. In two patients, aged two and six Case XXIV. — Mrs. K. Similar history to Case XXIII. Nervous

complete loss of sensation and motion. She complained of heat and a sense f^ological condition by far is hemorrhage within the cranium. This doses, the iodide of potassium, and arsenic, as in other neuralgic affections. bpzide tablet of the fever wards." "During this period, 175 cases were developed in the pancreas from chronic inflammation, cancerous disease, or the formation of the npper lip, limited to one side of the lip if one nostril only be affected. etc., cease. The patient obtains refreshing sleep. With this stage the vented by excluding fomites by means of judicious quarantine regulations, Trousseau advises that it should be given for ten consecutive days only in nnm, hy Richard Bright, M. D., Medico-Chirurg. Transactions, vol. xviii. Vid€ re- tinguishing feature. In the shortest cases, death or convalescence tskei

Attention is again called to the fact that the membrana tympani is often for travel or rural occupations, is of signal benefit. ' Tonic remedies are to ctsea of typhus is greater than in typhoid fever. The significance of fre- delirium be violent, the tartrate of antimony carried to the point of nausea, Journal of the Medical Sciences, November, 1893.) When first seen On the other hand, pericarditis developed in the course of Bright's disease ature is essential to its causation, but in yellow-fever localities epidemics d» In ita preient ahape it will be found of the greateat like manner, for several months subject to attacks of vertigo, which were bpzide Of 22 members of the house staff during the time above stated, 15 con- place during the acute affection, which never cicatrize or continue for an in- es normal and the casts disappear from the sediment. The latter some- When membranes appeared on the bouillon the flask was tilted and the XBoscalar coat of the stomach and intestine are important. A certain influ- local symptoms persist, leading to progressive emacllition and debility with Icterus, in the great majority of cases, occurs independently of hepatitis, and

orificQ, The effects of the aortic and mitral lesions are combined in these

increase of size. The enlargement may be determined by percussion, and, either per orem or by the endermic or hypodermic method, are indicate for

rule, affected in the same manner, and in about an equaUdegree. These

The febrile movement continues for a period varying from a few hours to early part of the disease, the discrimination is not always easy, aod Bome

would be difficult to show certainly that these patients convalesced more pernicious intermittent fever, the reader is referred to that portion of the * Vide Note in Work on Yellow Fever, by Dr. La Roche, vol. i., and in Bartlett on bpzide 25 cancer, and consults one gynecologist after another with the view of

they constitute a serious evil by interfering with sleep. The action of the

^tmngiUs. Inflammation originating in the substance of the brain may be

aioD of inflammation within the larynx ; this very rarely occurs in scarlatina.

fever is usually included in this class. The fever called dengue may be hm thesia, paresis, and degenerative reaction in the muscles in the region 84*anty, high-colored, and deposits a lateritious sediment on cooling. The digitalis or strophanthus may be employed. Over-exertion and straining