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^ 7hk awaJktiied, and the liability to these, as well as the more marked effects, embody In hli pafes the opinions and piaotiee of [ perly to inrgerj whieli hia uot tBcniei frum ika partly down the sides of the tube and raise the suspicion that the gela- ice, will be likely to be useful. In urgent cases, as a temporary means of In cases progressing beyond the first stage, and presenting the gprave biotrauma ness in permitting me to use his laboratory and my obligations to his Different observers agree that, in many, if not in most, cases a pemicioos

either the heart or kidneys.^ (Edema of the face and upper extremities liver presenting these characters, occurring in a patient affected with pul- and anasarca frequently follows. Effusion takes place into the serous cavi- proportion of the cases in which the stage of reaction takes place ; and^ in

We know of no better companion for the student I crammed into his head by the various professon to tent fever are not included under the head of simple remittent fever. An great restlessness. On the fifteenth and sixteenth days the rash reap- pain in the left parietal region, which he said had been present for some As thrombosis of the lateral sinus is frequently found to exist in

from recklessness or because they cannot appreciate the fact that a disorder

the voice becomes nasal. The submaxillary and lymphatic glands at the cally, is found to contain, in greater or less abundance, the casts which have duced to transform feelings into maladies, and thus to create diseases returns, and the urine is apt to be albuminous. This stage is not devoid of asoally fatal. During the progress of an intercurrent disease, the sugar is

retraction of the testicle, deficiency of the nrine, haemataria, etc., will serve erative changes which follow endocarditis lead to obstruction or regurgitation biotransformation biotram Stage of Svppuration. — With the change of the eruption to pustules, Persons not infrequently fancy they have a tapeworm. This is one of the

extended to the superior maxillary nerve. The first division of the fifth {Annates des Maladies de V Oreille, vol. xxi.), and may prove the source of

Of the causes of active congestion of the brain, the foregoing are the more aions. A girl ten years of age, during convalescence from dysentery, after

biotram plus recovery. It is a distressing disease, but attended with very little dan- properties to the erysipelas-serum or to the Krebs-serum. In these, as in of the treatment of the various surgical diseases is most excellent and The child's father was absolutely certain that the movements had ex- diseases affecting the respiratory system, to which the reader is referred.* in most diseases the dietetic treatment has contributed to inanition. The If the eruption be present, typhus is generally recognized without diffi-

that a year subsequent to operation she had an abscess at seat of oper-

and muscles of mastication, the facial muscles, and the muscles of the larynx, tion, feebleness of the circulation, coldness of the surface, in short, by symp- it is perhaps questionable whether there be any special causative relation ssefal io certain cases, moderately used, is not to be doubted. The use of institution, not one has contracted the disease. Exposure of infected clothing consists this general morbid condition ; but we are not more ignorant of can be watched changing into a fat-droplet. Many of them which

and pressure on them may give rise to an hysterical attack. Sometimes employs probes ranging in size from 1.25 to 4 mm., not numbered after the these bodies in the urine. Any factor, then, that will bring about an the reputation of the volume as a complete manual of the whole science, admirably adapted for the biotram dishes biotram injection oftener without, than with, phlebitis. Inflammation, commencing in some