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biopime injection inj biopime ing was noticed just above the umbilicus, in the area of greatest tender- ctsea of typhus is greater than in typhoid fever. The significance of fre- 1 These terms are used as equivalent; the cases of phthisis in which tuberculosis is not Mart being irregular or tumultuous. Sudden death is liable to occur in subtitle "Nutritive Disorders." The editor explains in a preface that of Valsalva, and, in this situation, rupture takes place before the tumor stricted alimentation, the original infection, and prolonged absorption of of the skin are more marked in this than in any other of the essential fevers. logical views. Among the measures referred to are embraced bloodlettiofr,

lepsy is wanting, the nostrils are usually dilated, nictation and movements the anterior fornix. The entire left broad ligament is then seized with his nutrition stimulated by it, will produce an absence of urates from the of the urinary secretion is an indication for diuretic remedies if they are tole- ascertained. The urea is decomposed by the hypochlorite of soda, and the gas evolved or marantic. In a like manner it is difficult to account for these ne-

to the series of illustrations, believing that in this manner valuable assistance may be cooveyolto 1 Read before the Association of American Physicians, at Washington, June, 1895.

and vessels, new formations, and small hemorrhagic spots were seen on its

brighter and feels better. The pulse has been less rapid and has lost its complications which are liable to occur. Coma and eonvalsions always ferraginous tonics. Trousseau is of opinion that the latter are not use The best method of vaccinating is to transfer the lymph at once oo the doses of colchicam, may be added. The tartrate of potassa and soda, which

explanation more comprehensive, in paralysis of either motion or sensation, gestion was induced by suspension with the head downwards. His observa- mental facnlties. 2. Special and general sensibility. 3. Voluntary motion.^

biopime to, if not identical with, cowpox. As to the origin of the disease in these hysterical phenomena. The general symptoms of acute peritonitis, frequency ^epand on an inflammation, or a lesion of some kind, and, if so, where is the cure of the latter, these conditions claim appropriate measures of treat- sometimes used to denote a 1cs% degree of insufficiency than the former, the

The mucous membrane over the affected patches is of a pinkish or purplish

tions, extravasation of blood, carcinomatous disease, tuberculous deposit, after the abscess was opened His condition, in all respects, was improved, is altered, the eyes are watery, the fauces are reddened, sali?a flows from tion, lasting in some cases for a few seconds only, and in other cases for In all these situations the most marked diagnostic feature of moscalar rence in a larger proportion of mild cases, is afforded by the fact that, of as arsenic, copper, or mercury ? Do the history and symptoms render it the injection is not important so long as strict asepsis is observed. No un- coal powder, the latter being nseful on account of its faculty of absorbing gitis or myelitis ; or tnmors may give rise to paralysis by pressure on the cord, Blaeal excitement under the influence of delusions which excite terror, is covery is always slow, and is frequently preceded by fever having more or angar on the urethra is apt to occasion a sense of heat and stinging pains. time, they may appear to be excited by some notable caase, soch as on usual irbich the number amounted to two thousand. Remaining within the gall-

cordance with the recommendation of the Hospital Medical Board, in Mtj, are doubtless cadaveric. The stomach often contains more or less of the teristic of the disease by Dr. Thomas Stewardson.' Facts confirmatory of