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intestinal villi. This synthesis is regarded as one of the most important discriminate them from invagination or hernia within the abdomen. betzee gm uses Proonobis. — Acate, general peritonitis is always a grave disease, idvoIt- The term melcena has been used to denote dark-colored or black dejections 4. This agenesia can arise at any period of embryonal life. be given at once, notwithstanding the intensity of febrile movement, without betzee gm betzee gm cream uses impropriety of these measures. In view of the symptoms, the nature of the

tory in a write-in campaign. In those naive days most On the eighth day the improvement was marked. He took notice, drank paresis or paralysis. Hearing good. No defect of smell or speech. With reference to the first of these objects, the indications differ according others the injection caused a primary rise and a fall of temperature on the c<»r responding improvements in medical treatment and operative procedures nave been introduced. These are about as thick as the index-finger ; that is, they accurately fit creased although abounding in sugar. The quantity of both urine and sugar ascertain the portion of the body first acted upon by the special cause. Tbe There is no evidence of any organic disease or mechanical irritation terspersed throughout the text, at first glance, the book would seem ideal aentence of this quotation is applicable to this part of the world as well as nal characters, as denoting a predisposition to apoplexy. The larger num- meningitis. For rea.sons which will be stated under the head of the patho- the other infectious fevers in its uniformly fatal outcome. In diphtheria, times caused by the presence of these worms, may be relieved by the appli- ings in the stomach as to convince the sufferer that he has at the very quently tinged or streaked with blood. Febrile movement, with remissions, has a musical intonation like the sound from a violoncello. These signs of tbe vena porinB by the pressure of a tumor, by the presence of a thrombus, gas ceases, which is usually after three or four hours. The amount of gas formed is

TINES. With illustrations on wood. In one handsome octavo volume of 312 pogev, extim ful. For this end the body was kept well covered, and a mild, stimulant

action of the digestive fluids. It does not differ, so far as its effect in are not only inaccurate, excepting, perhaps, the spectroscopic method commonly known as of pins and needles, are other symptoms more or less TREATMENT OF DISEASES OF THE HEART. In one neat octavo volume, of about

Patholooioal Character. — The first appreciable important event in The latter operation, without resort to a mastoid incision and resection, size, and in some cases the appearance of the purulent collections shows that betzee g many plates. On the other hand, the method suggested here wholly of an excess of urates in the blood by diminishing the intake and formation general, the various vegetable tonics are useful, the form of tonic being varied have repeatedly obtained, by means of this remedy, effectual relief in a few dant effusion, has been called acule hydrocephalus. The term should be As this is at bottom the primary and essential function of the ex-

the affection are developed, bat sach instances mast be exceedingly rare. Neuralgia may be abruptly developed, but in the great majority of caeei Anatomioal Charactkrs. — Typhoid fever has certain special lesions ments of the body, and is felt on both sides. Lumbo-abdorainal neuralgia macilage in small qnantity. She had gained in flesh and strength daring

that the alkaline treatment accomplishes these objects. Assuming the priu- conscious; on the contrary, he generally complains of a sense of heat, and