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sex. Of the 148 cases, 74 were males and 69 were females.
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Such, at least, has been my experience. I believe that if the disease is
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audience, "he is about to say how grieved he is that
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found full of free pus of thin consistency. The patient made an ex-
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In a series of 2,000 specimens 2.2 per cent., or about
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medical profession through its great representative
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cable facts. Very interesting and suggestive results, shedding light
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lar margins, with intervening areas of normal skin.
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left side. Kidney, dorsal loth to 12th. Genital or-
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active, or, in another case, the uterus and ^Miillerian vagina being ab-
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as fly-blisters and mustard to the limbs, abdomen, and over the heart, are
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the body, or, failing that, by the delicate and tu-
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He had taken no treatment for three and one half years.
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into the house any unnecessary articles, especially a
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the appointment of a competent aurist as a part of the staff of every
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occurring in communities usually free from the dis-
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2 H. K. Mulford Co., Antidiphtlieric serum, antitetanic serum.
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While about one-quarter of the book is occupied with the discussion
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coi'd, and, secondly, lesions of the spinal cord in injuries of the verte-
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ened, sutured together, and the bladder and vaginal
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March 27, 1897) relates a case of acute poisoning with this drug occurring in
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20. The pulse reached 80 on August 7th and remained
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slujwed that primarily it was due to increased hli" d
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quently been offered of the immense benefit of such
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descent snare during traction with forceps, thus enucleating the mass.
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toneal lesion becomes of such a character as to make
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very strong, but very hoarse. Slight pain was experienced
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guide, in the majority of cases it will denote some
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generally justly attributable to fatigue, mental disturbance, or dietary
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])henomena of this disease, and was originally used
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mesenteric vessels, and the latter require to be cut in the removal of the
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of physiological salt solution by rectum, according
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