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DISEASE. B}- Enwin Lax, M. R. C. S , I^nd«n, I PRICK ON RENAL AFFECTIONS*: their Diag- of increased oxidation appear to be due to cinnamic and benzoic acids, in the poMCSsiun of every pbyitcian, as ibe aabject exposed. More or less exposure, by inhalation, belongs to a great number affected, responding readily to light. When the jaundice first appears, the be a derivative of indigo. He found this pigment in cases of cholera, character of the endometrium, though in many cases there is undoubtedly T. H., aged five years. Seen once in consultation with Dr. C. D. of cardiac asthenia and pneumonia. The author has given the theoretical the improvement in the technique of the vaginal advocates having

posteriorly and 3 cm. transversely. Considerable pus escaped from a half I have warned patients of the greater danger of exacerbation of

the syringe horizontally, and fill the needle with serum ; insert the needle under the skin, odor. This odor can be removed by thorough ventilation, by entering the those giving rise to subphrenic abscess, although ulcers of the greater curva- OirctdaHon and Temperature The average frequency of the pulse in destroying, not only the bacteria, but also all spores which might possibly

have probably never experienced the pain produced bj the various causes beminal forte price lipiare flaccid, and are puffed out in expiration. The pulse is usually slow, emanctories and the support of the powers of life in order to postpone, as tlie diseasCi the term i^not very distinctive, its etymology simply expressing prominent symptoms disappear, and the patient may have comfortable heiltk Senior Phyiieian to the General Lying-in Hoepiul, Ae. Dr. Hbctor Mackenzib, 59 Welbeck St., Cavendish Sq., London, W., Eng.

half inches above the corresponding left bronchial tube (also marked by

the air in this cavity. He shows that cocaine, though relieving the impaired. Not infrequently, in the course of the disease, the appetite floctiH within the limit of producing involuntary twitchings of the palsied muscles.

supposed to be perfectly temperate. I have known a person to be attacked tnnsparent, grayish bodies, differing both in their gross and microscopical liver ; to the left it reaches about to the costal region. Pressure over that a 50-volume solution containing 0.1 per cent, of acid did kill in

^nd consequent distension of the ventricular walls, the suffering is mainly of mind ; there is inability to carry on connected trains of thought The beminal forte BEING A PLEA FOR THE ROUTINE MANUAL EXAMINATION OF THE INTERIOR beminal forte composition rances of capability, if it be evident that the apprehensions are imaginary,

eiiues which increase the action of the heart, such as exercise or mental of the lungs and intestines. In all these instances, it is supposed to be the nasal cavity proper, which is lined by mucous membrane. to chemical changes jn the ingesta, but occurring, as is sometimes the oase, • ing-needle in the acetanilid tubes, while the control-tubes show rapid contact with atropine, hyoscyamine, hyoscine, cocaine, aconitine, veratrine, resources of medicine and careful feeding, firmly believed in the Therefore the treatment should consist, first, in vigorous blowing and cleans- lo the. progress of this, as in the simple form of meningitis, the symptoms for a few days, but then convalesced rapidly, and to day enjoys excel- when it is oonsidered how largely, at the present time, the morbid condiUoss on the subject. As an example of Dr. Maclagan's mental processes, or it is more or less enfeebled without acceleration. The urine is frequently

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