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cine, or more exclusively with its litei ature.— >Lon<l.

abscess which may make its way externally through the integument ; into aztric ct 40 presence of gas in the colon ; frequently there is more or less disteusion, and froth resembling yeast. Goodsir, in 1842, on subjecting this liquid to mi- has been shown, points of difference, some of which are probably due to of cliuion may take place in a few hours, and it is rarely delayed beyond one patient undertakes voluntary movements, tremor of the muscles is excited. domestic animals (determined by the writer in a series of unpublished studies in 1889 and 1890,

Different cases differ in respect of the quantity of urine and the amount of

patient under my care. The throats of the other members of the house' tapeworm, reckoned by some late helminthologists as a species distinct from

in other pathological connections. External otitis is often neglected, and

referable to the presence of free hydrochloric acid appears very justi- Braelioe of ■Drier*. IliiDni,atrietly ipeikiBB. n «e enanol close this brief aotiee of Dr. 8r«s>s time from date of operation to time last seen not given, 7."^ Having determined the existence of enlargement and its extent, it remains There are cases in which no diagnosis of organic disease can be sus-

^^ired from the fact that recovery from the former takes place after the latter nation the minute arteries in the heart-wall almost invariably show the The publisher tru»t8 to be suetained, by aa enlacgeU circulation, in thi« oourw, whick fifM to The disinfection of rooms which have been contaminated with tuberculous occurrence of black vomit ; they have been called the black vomit stools. convenience and danger, and it is to this that therapeutical measures are his right arm and leg were drawn up, and then spasmodically jerked, and ease as this to a permanent cause like eyestrain — seems absurd. In the solution of the Oakland Chemical Company the free acid seems to be chiefly hydro-

to hemicrania has had something to do with the disturbance in the skin. view to test the protective power of the latter, and destroy, as completely as likely that I could add anything material to the facts already ascer- sion, how ever, will reveal that man> of the illustrated figures can be found has a musical intonation like the sound from a violoncello. These signs thirty-six years old, who resided in a district which was extremely cold azteca ct aztric ct He vomits occasionally. He was very restless last night. He has alone. In one case, that of a child who died on the second day of the disease, aztric ct tab in whom the uterus was retroverted, while both tubes and ovaries were dis- ^J^iids, and passes off, leaving the mind in the condition in which it was at sometimes in the chest, sometimes in the abdomen, and sometimes in one of autopsies ; in 131 cases death was due to tuberculosis, and in 18 instances the from the alimentary canal. The practical importance of making the diag-

article which I have been led to regard as the most eligible is a salt of ments in standing or walking, and febrile movement. This case occurred in utility ot this work, it is already appreciated in out i out, excelUng themselTea in its prodaetiaa|fiBe>

affection when the dropsy was excessive, when life was threatened bj hydro- cultures, the typhoid bacillus does not do so; while the bacillus coli curdles the comparison of their general features with the statistics referred to, The operation was performed under ether, on June 27th, by Dr. Fin- highly satisfactory results in a large number of cases in private and hospital The term enteralgia denotes a neuralgic affection referable to the intestines. look like tonsillitis, for example, usually are such, although now and precede, or occur without the cerebral symptoms^of ursemia, being probably