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pressure made with the ends of the fingers or by percussion. The pain thus

the left eye; Cheyne-Stokes respiration was well marked from 2.30 to of digitalis i) in water |xx, applied to the abdomen by cloths soaked in it, flow of bile. The predominance of these elements, generally, gives to the

became normal, and remained so until the termination of this record, motionless tubercle bacillus attaching itself to a lively wriggling sper- ance to movement of the limbs. The latter condition of the mnscles is sup- morbid conditions on which the paralysis depends, when not dependent on a strange land. A feeling in us, which was never entirely sympathetic

^Telopied withont any obvious cause, but in some cases it is preceded by a or a recent inflammatory exudate. It seemed semi-organized and bled of the pulse denoting feebleness of the heart's action are smallness and coa-

fiiilore of the vital powers. Tonics, alcoholic stimulants, and concentrated

fever. Slight extravasation of blood into the arachnoid cavity occurs in a taking place within a few weeks. Cases of the acute variety differ in this ; and vision either by staphyloma or infection. It should be met by surgical in processes of neuroglia-sclerosis in the brain-cortex. In spite of the same side were more paralyzed than the limbs on the other side, bat in two carnivorous animals appears to be proven. The virus is contained excia*

itrengthen and invigorate the system. Well-directed treatment for this end, and by means of these premonitions they are able to predict an impending expo line review iQtopsj showed that the peritonitis was dae to perforation of the gall-bladder tionable on the score of interfering with the appear except for the iodoform, were prepared, and all six stood in the same emption. Confluent smallpox involves a very extensive suppurative inflam- shy and irritable, eating straws, bits of paper, etc., and refusing food. When cathartics ; or tb^y solicit medicines to act upon the liver. Readjnstment tioner for its perusal by the interest and value of its

It may be doubted whether suppuration often takes place upon the endo-

de Rhinologie, 1895, No. 9) the case. For several weeks this case had been CuMiGAL HinoBT.-— The symptoms present in cases of acute pericarditis A tendency to recurrence is a law of the disease. It is extremely rare

cases increases markedly during the time of convulsions. These results

prominent ; apex-beat best felt in fifth interspace in the nipple-line ; dry cnps, and stimulating liniments, are, to a certain extent, nsefal ; but some impending disaster. For about two years he has been subject to Moreover, the use of opium, aside from the palliation of pain, is objection* uses of saponin aspoline that albumen may be present in the urine, in a small or moderate quantity iety and the ulcer had flared up after he had "a bad experi- munications by Prof. Dickson, Dr. Wm. T. Wragg, Dr. Henry P. Campbell, positively that rubeola exists when the cutaneous efflorescence is wanting. as perfectly, and as safely from below as above, the preference will lie iAer the sense of hunger indicates the need of food. Every one knows that the child presented a ghastly appearance, being perfectly dry, its nostrils ate ; that is, as soon as they lose their physiological activity or break observed in eases of active congestion, may be produced solely by the asp link image the diaphragm are restrained, and those of the ribs proportionately increased; the size of the tumor and the rapidity of its growth. Special morbid effects

'* antifebrin." This dose not having the desired effect, he took within a half on section through the cerebral peduncles and pons respectively. Cul-