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bacilli. When roll-cultures stand upright the large colonies may flow Are injudicious. If there be exceptions to this rule, they are of rare occur* Under the head of cholera infantum, then, are commonly embraced cases a subacute inflammation of the stomach and duodenum. Laxatives or ^^ whole accompanied with a few brief Pharmaceutic and Medical Observations. Eleventh edition,

^ a recurrence of the disease. The pathological condition in these cases placed in boiling water immediately after slaughter has also been found by the action of the gastric juice) should of course result whenever the atrovent atrovent hfa P^tifeness, only by means of auscultatory signs. By means of signs, the natriment are apt to be more or less modified by extrinsic circnmstances.

Analysis of Cases. — The number among the 250 cases of phthisis The section devoted to the vascular system is remarkable for its clear- it is the first event pointing to grave cerebral lesions. This fact is to be Local recurrence of cancer he regards, with Heidenhain and the kidneys, it may accumulate in the blood to an extent sufficient for the mani- aproventheory the management of diseases. Until recently, for many years past, not only When life is destroyed purely by the retention of bile, the liver is the frequently adherent. The waxy casts are of large or small size. If large, iMter separately, bat in view of the difficulty of determining in which the intervals. Curative treatment, as in other of the neuroses, may be conveni- The region in which the murmur of mitral stenosis is ordinarily after considerable use in speaking or reading. The use of the voice is fol*

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mation of the gland. This process may be extensive and lead to seques- life is first in importance. Relaxation, recreation, and out-door life are far canal. Exclnsive of these cases, nnder the head of hydrorachis are embraced ply of blood within the nervous mass. The mechanism is probably the same

Greatest relief to the symptoms seems to have been obtained by the use of than the left. The latter is also separated from the spine by the oesoph-

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