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terdam and other Continental and British ports are work-

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memory he rightly pays a just tribute, were spent amid the rustic labors

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find the Spanish Americans the direct inheritors of

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be capable of exhibiting at least occasionally the ex-

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are present in carious teeth suggests that imder cer-

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showed only a simple erosion on the stricture. The gen-

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interesting discussion and experiment has been going on as in that of

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cies as yet studied. — Les Nouveaux RemMes, 1897, No. 3, p. 65.

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(chief resident). Frank Sohmer, Michael Moore, and Gordon Early B-uk Row left to

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sage: 'T^is great reputation as a specialist in men-

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with its impact is heard a loud, rough murmur ; at the same point is

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branes. He had been treated for three and one half years

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Throat Hospital, New Orleans, La. For the Year ending

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and by fouling the air entering ihe lungs. The flesh, when

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are wide differences of opinion, and when one considers the complexity

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isting, the more chronic the disease. This was noted

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of the arch of the palate usually exactly in its mid-

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in 200 of its victims. The blindness, sterility, maim-

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charge, in these cases a zinc-oxide lotion without lead-water and one

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large measure, tooth health and tooth salvation, but

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incidence of myalgia due to neurontin

hebdom. de Med. et dc Chirurgie, 1896, No. 40), from a study of 810 cases,

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hypertrophy, we have thus far had to deal mostly with known mechan-

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report it may be stated that the death of the recov-

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be well to mention more fully the possibility and method of recogniz-

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stitching the lateral flaps to its edges. The operation was completed by

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acacia adds to the adherent properties of the iodo-

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of gastric crises which had not previously been pres-

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visitors working in the seventeen organized districts

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the vast majority of these patients require the im-

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pendicitis, cholera: pancreatitis (usually suppura-