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mogastric Nerve, 606 — Spinal Accessory Nerve, 608 — ^Hyp>oglossal Nerve, 609.
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with subsidence of all her nervous symptoms. Had only one attack
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weeks after the beginning of the infection, in the shape of a sudden but
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in rigidity of the muscles of the neck, owing to meningitis. It is a
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liable to relapses with appearances of the parasites every few weeks.
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plete collapse of the sac, the case being one of long standing-
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value of large doses of Turpentine in an apparently hopeless
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seven days after exposure. The invasion is sudden, with chills, fever,
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throughout the abdomen, accompanied with flatulence, is even more
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mechanical means. After the prolapsed viscera have been restored
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men. Laparotomy was performed on the sixth day after the
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cells (glycogen) , and gives them up again in a soluble form which is
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for by it alone we distinguish the different flavors of articles in our food.
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We have no means of judging how colchicum produces its effects
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