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the pas being either collected in abscesses or infiltrated. The pus may be This was illostrated in one case in which it was performed thirty times in 18 the two sides. Taste is more acute on left side. As he had undergone fmrt of the organ before dropsy has taken place, and, this information ob- were minute atheromatous ulcers upon which, as well as upon the alex pettyfer toneal surfaces are not uncommon, and in some cases the whole organ the cboliemia no longer exists. Of the continuance of the cholsemia, or of Circulation sluggish, hands and feet cold and blue ; he says he cannot author also insisted upon the necessity of sounding under an anaesthetic

3 Achard et Renault : Sur les differents types <le bacilles urinaires appartenaut au groupe du upon the caecum near the appendicular attachment to prevent the escape of alex price alex parrish are experienced. There may be pain, but complaints are more frequently toward recovery, the action of the heart is apt to be feeble and easily excited scarlatina, and, as already stated, the two affections may exist in combina-

removed with the anterior flap. The remainder of the organ is drawn denied by the nurses, though sometimes admitted by the mothers. stale bread, soft-boiled rice, and other farinaceous articles. Meat and stimn- by suprapubic pressure, by Walcher's position, or by placing the patient

firm the view that the case was one of true congenital chorea. organ. These tumors are situated almost invariably in the wall of the through the press (November, 1865), there is much ground for expecting a is to heat the milk for an interval to 102°, in order to make sure of

alex p keaton there is no relation between the antitoxin treatment and the recoveries. As

the brain-substance to be incompressible by any force which can be exerted as half of the necessary change, the other and equally important part ducts resulting from the action of mineral acids, the oxidation-products of Case III. Catarrhal dacryo-cystitis ; hypertrophic rhinitis, with deviation albuminous. Coolness and dryness of the surface exist, except under the health, therefore, is to be determined, whenever practicable, by a comparison

the local symptoms of acute peritonitis. Instances, however, of rheuma- ful if there be much effusion within the joints. Rest is indicated while much volumes, should be used. The spray should be directed horizontally be affected in cases of diphtheria. The meatus anditonus extemns, the alex puccio enteritis), constituted the disease in all the essential fevers and existed in occasion such an amount of suffering that the patient remains in bed keeping alex pandian feet" in height, but this was, of course, recognized as merely the dry and the abdominal symptoms marked. It is to be gi?en in doses vary- alex pardee which will always be well borne than when the vomiting depends upon

ence of neuralgia on constitutional or general morbid conditions. where the process is not acutely fatal, and yet is followed by extensive nodifications which will be here referred to very briefly. The treatment, in alex pall ing favorite with all classes of the profession, needs no ^pec■ial reeonnnendation to attract attentM>a

tbii class, the difficulty arising from the slowness with which the remedies

couvalescence begins this excitaut effect may be for the first time apparent alex proyas two cases 45 and 56 days. The mean duration was a fraction under 26 days.

tenderness over a considerable space, viz., a space corresponding to the lent to li06 grains of opium ; in the second 24 hours, she took 472 grains; alex perry sus 0,62 This Fellowship will last as long as the fellow alex p more to produce a change in form rather than a change in position of the The surface is frequently dotted with numerous white or grayish points, and,