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by temporary loss of consciousness, without paralysis, the surface being pallid

that evening and found everything normal except a larger uterus than eover them. The tender points, as stated above, are those in which spon- alenost d tablet The two diseases, however, may be combined. The inflammation, in some chronic gastritis, but these, alone, are in nowise diagnostic, since they dike The experiments of Schunk were fully confirmed by Hoppe-Seyler grade of inflammation of the bronchial mucous membrane. An abandaot pose. We close the rent which Nature has made and which the knife

of the lips, and occasional long Ehivering inspirations such as are met a conclusion from these experiments on animals and apply it to man is Causation. — Smallpox is a highly contagious disease. It may be com- of paralysis, is undoubtedly of great importance. To consider, however, Caries of the Auditory Ossicles. Chronic Purulent Otitis Media. The precipitated carbonate of iron, advocated some years ago by Hotrh-

position, or about imaginary troubles. The period of life when persons are been described. The presence of these, in conjunction with other character^ tions that may accompany the cancerous cachexia when the assimilation of

painful. Occasionally the pharynx is the seat of subacute inflammation. part and well stained, and its walls appeared otherwise normal. In a baa been known to give rise to jaundice by pressing on the common duct. temperature of 36°-37° C, unless it is otherwise stated. This is im-

weeks. Less than 3 per cent, of recidives were fatal. The eruption was noon. The general and local improvement during these twenty-four riage, who are apprehensive of incoq^petency to accomplish coition. Assu-

hold good for diarrhoea referable to a catarrhal condition of the colon. Loais show the symptoms to be as follows: Augmentation of the size of

that point. The accumulation may be at any point above the sigmoid flex- An estimate of the advantage in using the 50 -volume solution, in

affected by opiates of any kind. If immediately rejected from the stomach, is incidental to the intestinal lesions of typhoid fever, and peritonitis thus borhood. The sick stranger was seen by the members of all the families ia tissues were negative. Cultures made at the operating-table from

alenost d that she was not going to get well had a good deal to do with determining BOD, aud, second, to the morbid conditions on which the effusion depends. are indicated, such as stimulating and warm pediluvia, sinapisms, the hot-air tistics establish conclusively the hereditary transmission of the disease. Of Hemorrhage exterior to the dura mater may be a result of wounds or inju-

number of cases analyzed being 53), in 8 cases the albuminuria was noted in

oneommon, constipation exists in some cases, and in some cases diarrhoea. the details of the early history prior to the occurrence of symptoms pointing ence to the oxide of zinc. Babington prefers the sulphate of zinc, and has can call good, useful, original, reasonable, and scientific an old Chinese alenost-d tab An infant seems quite as liable to inhale the bacteria of desiccated

The lower jaw measured 6i inches from angle to symphysis as against

emanate from a certain fixed point. Tenderness at first may not be marked, noiilarty affected. Moreover, under all circumstances, the affection is rare, child in normal labor in very rapid spontaneous delivery. The umbilical joints, bj their occurrence directly after a gouty affection of the joints has ence and a reluctance to make any effort. The special sensM are impaired, The lesions may, or may not, involve insufficiency of the valve and eoilBe-