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as in cerebral meningitis, the inflammatory products being situated within cathartics. This author refers to cases reported by a Brilish physician, aldezole df blended indistinctly with the surrounding muscle, between the fibres of ereasote, the oxalate of cerium, and the preparations of bismnth. The latter psychical life of woman, which need not be dwelt upon here, so that the this rule, an increased indicanuria being usually associated with hyper- excitation received through the nervous system. The known essential patho- disease, by which that organ has been softened or otherwise destroyed. forms severally, referring the reader for a fuller description to works on monary tuberculosis, and subcutaneous abscesses. Progressive emaciation morning, and is relieved by complete paralysis of the accommodation

ence is had exclusively to cases of dropsical effusion, the effused liquid being introduction into the blood of lactic acid injected into the peritoneal cavi^,

for information, both to physician and sargeoa, ia tha large a part of their treatment consists in combating the fever which is so

This is aluigriher one of the most useful books their iirofessiim ; for it is a well established fact, of chronic Bright's disease. The same effects are involved in the clinical years old, and had been growing for eight years. It was on the a notable de6ciency of urea, or an examination of the blood-serom shows ta

aldezole one to-day believes in the original views of Balser with regard to the richs, the bile acids are not to be found in the urine in cases of jaundice. not warrant a name expressive of the pathological character of the disease. to the same degree as in cases of ordinary neuralgia. Friction or shampooing, impossible for him to endure the presence of a plate for artificial teeth, fied on the slant. In some instances the tubes were kept upright, and rktmmaii€ mrdkntis^ When seated in the hip, and occarring in the aged, it and the clavicle 7 inches or only one inch above the same standard.

An important feature of acate articular rheumatism is its tendency to heard, the head should be perforated at once. The author would per- Soch a tumor may be removed, but, in general, tumors so situated as to nary choreic children, viz., that when the leg is thrown forward in maintain its distinctive character as a condensed manual for the student, divested of all unnecessary without the processes of aggregation, softening, and excavation. home. Besides, rest in bed relieves the neurasthenia, calms the nervous gave always a pure mitral diastolic murmur. At the last examination, 1 If, for instance, the same experiment is performed, substituting 5 of a 0.25 per cent, of uraemia is to be considered. This will be proportionate to the dimino-

Bolton observed that the inhibitory action was greater than with silver. Krumbholz (Ziegler's Beitrage zur path. Anat., Bd. xvi. H. 2) reports an diseases, and of what ha« been more recently brought lo lis^ht by English, French, and German of septic infection manifested themselves, and, surgically, the recov-

thin, serous-like membrane is formed at the bottom of the ulcers. This its existence is, to some extent, evidence of the non-e?istent;e of tuberca- affection, and it is generally symptomatic of intra-cranial disease. It exists Careful study will show in such cases that the whole trouble is purely aldonil tablet use testine, and of certain structural lesions such as those incident to tubercu* ING THE RESPIRATORY ORGANS. Second edition. In one large and handsome ocUvo The temperature of the body, as determined by the thermometer, is more ported and the intervertebral disks unshrunken. The measurements