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it becomes essential to investigate the grounds upon which such

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infections. In the acute infections, however, it had

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amendment, till, in the course of two or three weeks, he could begin

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patches, whilst the sympatheticotonic type is lively

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least intuitively, of the puzzled groping between the

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the tendency of a ligature applied almost simultaneously to each

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affection may be caused by cold has no solid foundation, and is

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educated statesmen — two classes of obstructives : the wholly

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small as possible from the point of entrance. The knife should

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in sixty-nine per cent, of the cases: definitely nega-

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HuNN. — In Hartford, Conn., on Thursday, April 17th.

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which without active measures will certainly terminate in the

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The case as just recited, whicb I wisb to be regarded as a

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we often find these patients sitting up, with their arms folded and

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important cases shown at the author's clinic in the

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bility of a cure? In speaking of the cure of syphilis

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WILLIAM GOVAN, M. D., Stony Point, Rockland County.

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makes out a new fact should boast, rather than he ashamed of

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partment car, which has been fitted with a bath, for

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Intoxication is only one of the bad eft'ects of alco-

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cases. These two had been on rectal feeding but had

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tion relating to the payment of physicians' fee^ by the in- j

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reactions occur in individuals who have been sensi-

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gradually absorbed by the lacteals and vessels pro-

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terminating in blunt points, concealed under several envelopes.

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ing the rest hour is useful where the gastric muscle

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of sound ; and these, too, are necessarily associated in some

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of his life at the source of the difificulty. For he

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by fractional ccntrifugalization, and consists solely

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ther again with sticking plaster, and the rest of the wound filled

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equal parts, in doses of five to fifteen grains re-

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the uterus ; the first always the result of childbirth,

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halftone, and color, are excellent ; his diagrams are

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possible for any good psychic effect : but in spite

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The subjects embraced in such examinations are, in general

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both considerable and uniform, and fretting of ihe scrotum avoided."- — See British,

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into a revaluation of all values, and the careful as-