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bony formations in the body of a muscle constantly exposed to slight
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or three; in the former case many joints suffer and the attack is
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in extent? Wln^ does it affect only the valves of the left side, and
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to act. Bouillaud's merit consists in having applied this sound
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mors, etc. V. — Hemorrhages from the Nose. VI. —
of fat. In the anaemic form of obesity, therefore, the de])Osition of
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to regions where it does not exist. Sea voyages are beneficial and
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in which diabetes is very common, although its inhabitants do not
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be that the material has descended from a higher part of the tubule. It
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and Oilman, as representing the faculty ; Dr. Quack-
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Owing to the dreadful danger which lurks in the stimulating cup,
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Imperfect and defective vision is largely the result of civilization.
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dling with the pillows, and raising the patient's head, may be carried
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apt to be too prolonged and exhausting, if in the company of a Large
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no theory of rheumatism can be regarded as satisfactory which does
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orders are conspicuous by their absence ; whereas the changes in the
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This is to be gargled freely every hour or half hourandateaspoon-
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to getting wet through, sitting in damp clothes, sleeping in a damp
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activities. Women are more liable to suffer from it than men
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tation transmitted from an inflamed pericardium or i3leura along
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of consequent myocarditis, mj^omalacia, formation of callosities,
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where the houses are destitute of all devices for ventilation, we are
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The iris is so sensitive that it contracts the pupil when the light is
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granular effervescent bicarbonate of potash is an excellent alkaline
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Functional disease, it will be perceived, is much more 'satisfactory
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same in both; its mode of action is the same; the tissue on which it
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Hallcrvorden : Archiv fiir cxperimcntale Pathologic und Pharmakologic, xii. ,
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seeing that the same anomaly may be due in one case to disease of the urinary
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When the young female is pale and the condition of well-marked
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origin, and is due to purely dynamic alterations in the cord, since no
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heart, which was then quite healthy. There was, therefore, no old-
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sodium and magnesium sulphate. Karlsbad affords the type of this
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reddish dots due to the prominent glomeruli or to smaller or larger hemor-
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should be thoroughly dried and if necessary oiled with a small amount