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main mass has been moved, as in many cases there are both paresis and

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tion into the colon (enteroclysis) and also into the subcutaneous tissue

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ternal hemorrhage, with pain referred distinctly to the epigastrium, and

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erally gives a pure tympanitic note, though if the tension be very strong,

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constant nausea with frequent vomiting, particularly after food, occur

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On July 15, Csesarean section was performed, and at 8.30

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Statistics by the " National Association " Classification

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il^tiology. — Among predisposing causes, the age and the season

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auscultation, and by the immovable, fixed upper convex, boundary of

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Symptoms. — The enlargement usually affects the muscles of the

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pernicious anemia may be grouped : (1) those cases in which no discov-

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tude of the Homoeopathic Medical Society of the State of New York

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Aurantian body. Extension of the morbid process to other and all parts

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may be only one-half or one-third the size of normal kidneys, and the

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typhoid or dysenteric ulceration (or other gastro-intestinal inflamma-

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noticeable at night, and of more or less pronounced impairment, very

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ities (hands in particular) and the larynx, Avith absolute intermissions ;

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conditions found. The patient should be returned to her home without

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plaints in Avhich paroxysmal pain is prominent, such as gastralgia, in-

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though usually sharply circumscribed, may take the form of difi"use

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the aperture may be so small as scarcely to admit the passage of a goose-

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Fig. 35.— Blood-chart of a case of progressive pernicious anemia. Black, red corpuscles ; red,

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intestinal mucosa of the new-born (meh^na neonatorum) occurs, and

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discontinued. During convalescence the patient should be instructed

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eventually suffers, with consequent dilatation. Angiospastic dilatation

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ing a point more or less nearly on a level with the umbilicus, while

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On palpation the character and direction of the chest-movements

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particularly the rectum and bladder. There is always the danger that

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but usually death ensues after the lapse of two or three years.

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of the bladder, elevation of the hips on a pillow in bed, plenty of out-

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ing. Even at an early stage some rigidity of the muscles will be present

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The treatment consists, firstly, of prophylactic measures. In all places