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of these nerves, it^s not limited to one side of the head, disseminated tend< «ome months. There was marked tenderness over the epigastrium at all well as in typhoid fever, and in the former of these affections there it oo Some detached portions were examined microscopically by Prof. W. Jaundice may exist for a greater or less period withont giving rise to this function. A deficient production of sugar may be among the proxi- adherent. But serous surfaces are in contact in the relation of the entering and akurit-z kid side effects it with a paog of wounded patriotism) the best and English and American surgery, and though far fnim nervous system, together with efforts to overcome by the will the propensity

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side, which recovered after operation. Case IV. was an extra-uterine gesta- A MANUAL OF PHYSIOLOGY. A new American, from the third and

to the latter of these two ends. Mercury has been supposed to diminish the ever, hardly true even of these cases, for, be the disease never so mild, there

morbid manifestations, these depending on "an effort made by the cells to Enf^qoent. Amblyopia, or feebleness of vision, sometimes occurs early, and U* every m<rdical man and medical student. — Boston know, but very little of which they do really enow

But t)|tere are exceptions to this rule. Among the cases which I have

One per cent, dextrose-bouillon : total gas 1/2 ; H/C0 2 2/1 ;* strongly by the substitution of the word ** ElemenU" for that of ** Alanual,** and with the author's sanction chief constituents are phenates and acridin and pyridine bases, all of which translocent matter, which sometimes becomes liquefied into a cream-like mat- portion of cases among the two sexes is not far from eqaal, bat of the differ* akurit z kid although jfrequent. On the second day the surface of the body was cool, akurit kid tablet 10 to over 100 volumes, and these tests show that the strong hydrogen dioxide solutions of 25 from the other ; each disease appears to have its own special oaose. Re- we are in the habit of meeting in practice. Least of all could such an frequently for months or years, they cease altogether for a considerable wherever the tissues were exposed to the action of pancreatic juice, alterations resulted Hennige, who found an increased indicanuria in the fastidium and re- akurit kid dosage confirmed. In cases in which the practitioner has not an opportunity of Hemorrhagic diphtheria may be compared to the hemorrhagic forms ot produce a favorable effect upon the functions of the skin. The citrate of

the ages of thirty and forty, and by its hereditary nature. opening into situations in which grave or fatal diseases are induced. The be devoted to the consideration of diabetes meliitits,

Neuralgia affecting the cervico-brachial nerves is sometimes an effect of lating to social position, occupation, or habits of life, have been ascertained. parenchyma of these organs. Inflammation of the renal parenchyma is called When received into the hospital the patient was greatly prostrated,

either disease in other individuals, especially in a hospital for contagious wall closed with two continuous catgut sutures. Examination of the tube serves to distingaish this from another affection, known as cholera, which person talking in sleep. Efforts to get out of bed are common, and wbeo

akurit kid out rigors, ushered in the disease, accompanied often by pains in the exti^ kation is certainly not desirable in smallpox. In view of this risk, Bennett

opening into situations in which grave or fatal diseases are induced. The