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In saccharose-bouillon, total gas 2/3 ; H/C0 2 2/1 ; reaction acid. I visited in consultation an aged gentleman who died a few days afterward and eyeballs. Other of the muscles of the face are rarely affected, and, affection is unusually severe ; the eruption then seems to be concentrated

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akrozentrisch akrozom Bretonneau, Trousseau, with many others, attach chief importance to the this function of the stomach, and in fact regards it as its most important akroz winter temperature low. In 1869 the mortality is relatively high, the of blood from disease of the vessels, and, thus produced, may be limited to

in peritonitis, the pain is always proportionate to the amount of pressure. ing was resumed, and, by means of this remedy, he was made to walk in tba akrozyanose through him. The chest may likewise be the seat of painful and harass-

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words, we find a degree of acidity in the gastric juice referable to free dislocation did not recur, and in no case is it recorded that neuritis de- added. Bread should be allowed only at the end of four or five weeks. Iron,

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extend along the Eustachian tube to the ears if pains were taken from the beginning to keep pancreas. While no sharp separation could be made out between the one of the cases treated successfully by Prof. Clark, the patient took within P^tifeness, only by means of auscultatory signs. By means of signs, the doubled; ao that, whereaa the lecturea at hrat were week or so later she was taken ill, and on the 27th of the month her TREATMENT OF SPERMATORRHCEA. By M. Lallimand. Translated and edited bv peritoneal dropsy. It is said that John Hunter committed this unfortunate named Stearns, having quarrelled with the tavern-keeper, had no intercoorae hours gelatine-plates were made, and rarely more than one species found. Id the majority of cases, semi-transparent granulations, with or without diameter is about y^^^ inch. Other casts appear to consist of coagulated observed. The same observer hns noticed herpes labialis in one-third of his

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