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eighteen persons, who swallowed pure cultures of vibrios. In some cases
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chemical and physical changes which micro-organisms in general are
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thing that we can see to the contrary ; but when we see an electro-
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frequent cases of chronic glycosuria in fat and gouty persons, sulphated
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naiurf. Pharyngo-tyi)hoid, laryngo-typhoid, pneumo-typhoid, nephro-
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in men ; thus, according to Hayem, the mortality in Paris for 1888-1893
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whereas information acquired by the young with pleasure rarely occasions
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animals, it has no antidotal value. The enzyme injections, therefore,
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when, by the continuity of consciousness, from a similar impression
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10. I took lymph from the arm for the purpose of further vaccination.
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complete oxidation of the downward products of tissue metabolism ; the
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tissue ; and, again, effects of caustic substances. In this era of aseptic
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caustic, nitric acid, liq. ammonise, carbolic acid, white precipitate, hot
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speedily recognised, (b) If membrane be unobtainable, the platinum loop
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this much dreaded one. It is oflen a fatal error, for it is most obvious
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^ For purposes of comparison Dr. V. A. Meigs' (1) analysis is subjoined: —
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bowels act more freely ; sleep is more prolonged and sounder, and the
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to defective blood-supply consequent on change in the arterial walls ;
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to the head — ^stream of cold water poured upon the head — in these va-
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activity in animals belonging to widely different species. The practical
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