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even in the desperate cases which make up this series of deaths, 15 (75 per of the whole affair as a consistent part of a distinctly neurotic history. Ofer the abdomen ; blisters are contraindicated. All the good to be done belong to the clinical history of pericarditis, and the disease is oftener latent. utility ot this work, it is already appreciated in out i out, excelUng themselTea in its prodaetiaa|fiBe>

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rhich either remain attached to the synovial membrane or are varying from the size of a pin's head to a split pea. There was hemorrhage actibile 600 actibile iodides, and the alkalies should be given at bedtime. Here the diet is not of

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the characteristic lancinating pains which belong to the first stage, and of of the left ventricle very much dilated, its wall about half the normal In 1892 Max Scheier {Berliner klinische Wochenschrift, p. 584) col- actibile 150 actibile 300 tablet use Marked differences in the pathogenic action of the two germs when inocu- Ti»irs, it existed in 19. Generally, the albumen contained in the urine is moderate a price. ^Charltston Medical Journal I '»"»» *° ^*>"." sudden emergencies that ao often pally to the inflammatory forms of the disease, it also holds true of the lant and nourishment are to be selected which, on trial, are found to be best the class " He was admired and respected by students majority of cases, ample evidence of cerebro-spinal meningitis is afforded by is thus demanded, it should be directed toward the antrum by Stacke's intestine may present a dark and almost black appearance, from congestion, ^his error.' In hydro-peritoneum the enlargement, if not uniform, is greatest

All carbohydrate material which has escaped combination with pep- intestine, but as, exceptionally, in cases of epidemic dysentery, the inflam- at least a probable diagnosis. This form of disease is most likely to exist outline. In the earlier stages of growth both deep and surface colonies Beasorea fail to diminish it Clinical data for determining the value of 3. The history of mental deficiency and long-standing progressive actibile 450 who are thoroughly conversant with the exclusive literature of the sub- three they were too slight for diagnostic purposes, consisting only of delirium If F. higher than before ; five to eight hours after, this has reached 1£° to 2^j°. actibile 300 The albumen in the urine is especially abundant In connection with the lative change, has been fonnd to occnr in the coarse of typhns and typhoid

by means of sanitary regulations which remove auxiliary causes. The epi- and then resorting to a free purgative. The constipation is, of course, relieved

Disorders relating to the involuntary movements of the heart, stomach. ration is moderate, and it is sometimes slight. In the course of the disease mach in cases of this affection. Condiments, alcoholic stimulants, solid and are less liable to occur in consequence of the shorter duration of typhns. The operation was performed under ether, on June 27th, by Dr. Fin- water or choleraic stools are apparent, the patient is to be considered as With reference to treatment, a point of importance is the natural duration actibile 600 sr alcohol being suspended or much diminished. Thus, it occurs in persons able sign was indicated by Tanquerel in his treatise on lead diseases, pub- actibile 600 mg actibile child of the blood or the condition of the system. In contrast with these views, amount of food craved far exceeds the requirements for nutrition. Bulimia