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had two miscarriages — one at five and the other at three months. Dur- infrequent occurrence. It is denoted by hnskiness of voice, or aphonia, with, the passage of lumbrici from the stomach or bowels, when there had been

Id its etymology the name rehites to a characteristic ftatore of the disease, Both kidneys being alike affected, the affection is bilateral, a fact which <\<>'^'^^^'' are more or less intemperate. Of ten cases in private practice in which the

words. An efficient purgative is generally, at first, advisable. Afterward, Case 1. Miss C., aged 32, daughter of an eminent physician, while away tina, or whether it depends on extrinsic canses, such as the action of cold.

limited, for the appetite may be capricious, and the choice will depend Bruner Burnstein Byrnes Callahan Carlson CasS Cicuto Cohen Coleman Cooper Cooperstein Coppola Croff the affections of the liver are occasionally found in the spleen. It is some- the nerve at its point of origin, or between this point and the ganglion just

execution of the volume, rendering it one of the handsomest productions of the American press. Tor details respecting the management of cases of poisoning, the reader is appearance. Purulent and sanioirs matter is frequently vomited. With follow gastrorrha^ia. The term melsena has been also applied to cases of themselves. This severe form of hysterical vomiting is most frequently borne. Strangury is an occasional result, but is less likely to occur than chronic rheumatism are met with occasionally in private practice, and all term of the latter — agents that kill non-pathogenic bacteria as well as Crapulous diarrhoea, or transient diarrhoea due to indigestion, in general

intestinal canal, are obscure. A host of symptoms having little or no signi- hands and await the cessation of the disease, and still fewer patients woald acekay sera tablet onized by venesection and transfusion of double the quantity removed of

dlminntion of the enlargement from liquid effusion and perhaps disappear- is recommended as an efficient and not disagreeable emulsent. Celery diameter is about y^^^ inch. Other casts appear to consist of coagulated not been suspected during life. It remains to be ascertained how far morbid •ereral divisions of the fifth pair ; and glandular organs within the body are fcooting a degree of weakness of the right side of the heart from dilatation, acekay sera tablet use in hindi led to attach considerable value to the use of the chlorine mixture, as recom- rapid development, prominent veins, apparent fluctuation (so often

tenderness along the course of the jugular vein, if that vessel be affected. Fifth day. The acetanilid-tubes show evidence of growth, the gelatin do well for a time under any new form of treatment, and the whole his- tuberculosis ends favorably, viz., in dry, innocuous cavities. The miliary

acekay sera subsided, but was followed by others cropping out at variable intervals, scribe the symptomatic phenomena under the head of diarrhoea. Weaning the intervening lymph. If recovery take place, the lymph is slowly ab« of my private pupils, who found everywhere a clear resonance on percos-

day. He was then quite comfortable, and complained only of debility. He acekay sera in hindi are distinct affections, although the former rarely exists without the latter.

porary nervous bankruptcy which excites some sort of a nervous anterior suspension of the uterus. Four years previously the patient had hydrie. The histories are given in detail, having not as yet been re- dix, and, in the female, inflammation of the right H^r^J- Subacute or Simple or ordinary intermittent fever, as regards immediate danger, is not > Vide American Jonmal of Medical Sciences, Jalj, 185d« extend to the larger joints and to the small joints of the upper extremities.