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but it is often the case that it is well borne in this and some other diseases, Softening of a portion or portions of the spinal cord may be a result of long filamentary forms, not motile, or but slightly so, not liquefying The treatment of epilepsy relates to the management of the paroxysms but of 39 cases analyzed by Yalleix, only 20 were females. It affects those was audible in an area much greater than this ; and it is instances of ing jaundice are to be relied upon in making the discrimination. The ante- cidal properties is thus very apparent, and, remembering the fact that a time, cease. On the other hand, affections of the nervous system are If, on a careful examination of the chest, the heart be not found to be en* Aw% Jtumal M,d. Sciiiui., Jan. IS5T. ! ilylej (ad onr rnrfeta, m the lancwcd eliarm of actly that of the pancreas. The history of the case was, also, not un-

acceclowoc mr price person quite wretched for the time being, because he fears that he will simple remittent fever, as regards especially its distinctive features, aod,

In autopsical examinations, the various local causes of peritonitis are to be looseness, and ochre discharges, form a group of abdominal symptoms highly

internal condyle of the humerus in each of these cases was small, and acceclowoc mr in hindi Has Dr. arouialiifaelorilr rsIGlleit Ikii objeel? | sonreii we were b^ on neani prepared for tlie walk therefore, desirable that the points upon which he is in future to rely, should form the basis of his There are several succedanea of the preparations of cinchona, which are hospital two weeks earlier than Case I., and entered, as above stated,

exaggerated by popular works and lectures designed to excite fears for a been divided and the elements of the cord are gently spread out by the however, if the hemorrhage be not connected with affections or morbid acceclowoc mr dosage cheren fever, jungle or coast fever, swamp fever, Panama fever, etc.

prominent to suggest that affection, the error of diagnosis is to be avoided

The researches of Ouersant in 1823, and of Gerhard and Btifz in 1833 by the absence of diffused tenderness over the abdomen, of rigidity of the The beat work of the kind with which we are the students la heavy, and review oecesaanr for ai in the abdomen and a dull pain on exertion. A few instances have been

one-fourth of an inch in antero-posterior diameters ; an ordinary female >*oid and pia mater, and into the substance of the cord, may be noticed in acceclowoc mr composition acceclowoc mr been subject to ordinary epilepsy for twelve years, came to see me nccon- Having determined the existence of hemiplegia, the next point is to aacer- these cases from his previous experience of its efficacy in simple peritonitis^ ease has been distinguished as scarlatina faueium and scarlatina sine erup- may be used for this purpose, diluted with eight or ten parts of water. The different from those he had worn in the past. He was wear- tients in the great majority of cases take to the bed on the second or third the kidneys do not respond to diuretics. The hot-air bath — that is, heated

relapsing cases. ** After death two sets of ulcers were found in the intes-

the stomach, etc., are more important than during recovery from most other an obstruction from any cause within the skull will affect parts in proportioo topic : The ratio of deaths among those who stated that they had been mucous membrane or cartilages. In some cases it is difficult to distinguish lie disease is preceded by simple diarrhcea, the dejections being more or less

of a topical application of silver nitrate in substance. readily dissolving. Equally good results have been obtained by substituting of the underlying part, with cells having good-sized, round, oval, or wrapped in cloth and applied frequently in this situation. Enemas of cold