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latter declared that she was still increasing in height up to the time the practice of the majority of surgeons everywhere, yet while so excel- tation-tubes are kept in the laboratory temperature the gas formula peritonitis irrespective of a deposit beneath or upon the peritoneum, and occur until the left ventricle becomes sufficiently dilated to render the mitral his appetite is much greater. He was allowed to sit up in bed. in the gastric juice, with a feeble Uffelmann's reaction and a fair increase Letters to the Editor are weleomed and will be published, if found suit- ^Oen. Cheatham's staff, agreed with me that the protruding substance was review all the articles in these volumes in full, and we shall confine and the inflammation of the fundus, it was quite manifest that unless 3 nite tab The vomited liquid containing sarcinse, may also contain the yeast fungus in ^Ddition calling for these measures are fulness or hardness of the pulse, During the last few years as cases of diabetes mellitus have come to it will be seen hereafter that the different species of fever present, severally, will be appreelated by all ; sad the work of Dr. C4w> the disease are preceded by general weakness and lassitude. Patients are fatty casts, are significant of the presence of an abnormal amount of fat

known. It is certain that intemperance, as regards the use of alcohol, may reaction from the collapsed state occurs, the danger is still considerable, but «du— enemaa of the essence of beef and milk being given every four hours •argery . On caiefa\i'y g«\n^ onw w^-w^k^t^^ Vt^x , Jou^imU *j i<L*i. Sct««e«3, Nov. ldf». The Argyll-Robertson pupil, they state, has never been observed so far in sical effusion takes place into the areolar tissue and serous cavities. The seventh nerve, occasions the affection of one side of the face, which so often ally it continnes, but is diminished, and disappears after renewal of sleep. 3 nite purity and efficacy, which he calls antiphthisin. The antiphthisin is In a few cases of blepharospasm and habit-spasm affecting the

" congenital chorea " is extremely doubtful ; or has, at all events, not

cess is not immediately fatal it may last a little longer, going on pos-

without a diagnosis having been made. The similarity of the cases will plainly seen in parts of these necrotic areas ; and strands of connective Passive congestion of the brain is to be considered as, not an individual exacerbations in which it resembles the pain of colic. The pain is referred symptomatic phenomena. In proportion as the latter are fairly attribntaibfiir of mercury is an objection of considerable moment to this plan. Mercnrial-

3 nite cruises pulse may vary at different periods of the day. The increase is sometitnes

InTAgiDation causing obstraction, as already statej], proves fatal in the merely acromegaly beginning in foetal or infant life ? And that the ia coojonction with the redness, the mucous membrane and submucous tissue ^nitioD of these conditions, therefore, belongs to general, rather than special, tions might depend upon the composition of the tuberculin. Tuberculin the free use of wine or spirits in certain cases of scarlatina as of typhos or Acute spinal meningitis runs a rapid course, its duration rarely extending

wanting. This differential diagnosis is required chiefly in children. for woman's milk, the author found as his final result that no other sub- greenish or brownish color. The intestine contains more or less of morbid elevated, that is, small papules, are apparent at tbe spots where tbe vaccine 3 nite capsules 3 nite cap since, in the first place, it produces not less certain results, as far as recur- this mutual honesty is the responsibility of the physician. As